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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perry Como & Dean Martin: Hometown Geography 101

I used to go to Steubenville often. Canonsburg is mentioned here too.

This is the info that was provided on the youtube site:

  • Pierino Ronald Como, born in Canonsburg, PA, is visited by Dino Paul Crocetti, born in Steubenville, OH. In this clip Perry Como (1912-2001) and Dean Martin (1917-1995) use a low-tech map to discuss growing up 35 miles apart. Additional assistance provided by the Videolongeaux Cartographic Division.

    Thanks go out to RADIOBOCA,, for posting Parts 1 & 2 of Dean Martin visits the Perry Como Show, Kraft Music Hall on NBC from which video and audio snippets were collected. I threw another map, an enhanced Google map, myself.

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  1. Hey pallies, thanks for sharin' such a cool clip of our Dino with Mr. Como. Know your reflections are bein' shared this day at ilovedinomartin.